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Hot Yoga

Colourful image of yin and yang.
Balance in Hot Yoga

Hot yoga offers a plethora of benefits for both your mind and body. It can help you burn calories, build bone density, boost cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility, aid detoxification and help you to feel great.

Join the Class:

- If you enjoy the heat and are looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience, join in one of my hot yoga classes. I have a regular slot at Westminster Lodge and also cover teach at the FeelHotYoga studios in Hertfordshire. (see below).

Benefits of Hot Yoga

1. Calorie Burning: The heat and intensity of hot yoga can lead to increased calorie burn compared to traditional yoga.

2. Improved Bone Density: Weight-bearing exercises, like yoga, can help maintain and improve bone density.

3. Cardiovascular Fitness: The combination of heat and physical activity in hot yoga can enhance cardiovascular health.

4. Enhanced Flexibility: The warmth in the room helps loosen muscles, allowing for deeper and safer stretches.

5. Detoxification: Sweating during hot yoga may help in eliminating toxins from the body


- Feel Great: The endorphins released during exercise contribute to a sense of well-being.

- Mindfulness: Focusing on breath and movement can improve mindfulness and reduce stress.

- Inspiration: Many find the challenging environment of hot yoga to be motivating and inspiring.

My Teaching Locations:

- Everyone Active Gym, Westminster Lodge:

- Day/Time: Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

- Class: 60 minutes of Hot Power Flow

- FeelHot Yoga Studios, St Albans & Watford

- The class schedule may vary, please contact me if you would like to know when I am next teaching or check with the studio for specific times.

My Tips for A Hot Yoga Class:

- Prepare: Bring a towel and water as temperatures can rise to 40 degrees Celsius or higher.

- Clothing: Wear lightweight, breathable clothing that you can move comfortably in.

- Hydration: Ensure you are well-hydrated before and after class.

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