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Ayurvedic Teachings

Balance the mind, body and spirit

Through workshops and sessions, I provide a space  for you to explore and learn about Ayurvedic lifestyle principles, discover the power of self-care and develop your own personalised health plan.


With my guidance, you'll gain insight into your unique mind-body composition and receive advice and strategies for improved:

  • sleep

  • nutrition

  • movement, breathing and meditation

  • self-care

  • emotional well-being

You will learn how to incorporate daily nourishing Ayurvedic practices into your existing lifestyle. 


My goal is to empower and inspire you to live mindfully, picking and choosing elements of an Ayurvedic lifestyle you find inspiring, helpful and achievable.


So that you will begin your journey of self-discovery and transformation and learn how to create a healthier and happier life for yourself.

The Ayurvedic Lifestyle Health Hub

  • The Ayurvedic Lifestyle wholesome project is your very own health hub. Designed with you in mind, according to your dosha (personality) it is tailored to your needs for a bespoke approach to your health, wellbeing and ultimate happiness. 

  • Think  of it as your very own retreat that you can dip in and out of at your leisure or immerse yourself in fully whenever and wherever you are in the world.   ​

  • The Ayurvedic Lifestyle Programme is taught across five lessons; you can choose to do all five sessions or just one, though it is recommended you do the Introduction to Ayurveda (Session One) to find our your dosha type. The aim of the programme is to teach you how to bring balance to your life. Equilibrium of the mind and the body helps you to make nourishing choices, which helps to achieve healing and experience the change you may seek.


Self Discovery

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  • Using tried and tested Ayurvedic practices,  I will help you firstly identify just who you exactly are by taking an Ayurvedic dosha quiz, revealing your innate nature.

  • Revealing your true, innate personality helps you to understand what makes you tick and why you may respond to events in the manner that you do.  It provides the background for you to understand what you can do to address negative responses when things don't go your way.  ​


  • You will learn how to improve your relationships with communication techniques and practices of emotional wellbeing  to  get your needs met rather than reverting to old negative, harmful patterns of behaviour which may leave you feeling unfulfilled and stressed.   


  • You will learn how to tackle real or imagined barriers to growth moving you from a state of overwhelm to a state of contentment as you become more satisfied with your life choices.


  • I will teach you how to assess your current state of health and to recognise any imbalances and you will learn how to bring yourself into optimal balance whenever you go off key.  


  • You will learn how the Ayurvedic clock helps us to synch ourselves with our natural biorhythms facilitating good sleep, restful awareness and digestion. How to nourish the body using Ayurvedic principles regarding nutrition.  Why and how we move the body in yoga and how to metabolise various sensory impressions to our advantage, taking in what we need and discarding that which is not useful.   You will be given relevant advice and strategies you can implement into your life from the get go enabling you to start your wellness journey immediately.  


  • You will learn to incorporate  these beneficial practices on a daily basis until they become second nature. By teaching you mindfulness, movement, meditation and breathing techniques you will learn to bring yourself into balance in a healthy, harmonious way.   


  • The content in my Ayurvedic workshops tackles your physical, mental and spiritual health.  You will learn how to reveal the best version of yourself, making for a happier, healthier life, productivity and improved relationships with others. 


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