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Life coaching tools including wheel of life smart goal worksheet and journal sheets with c

Initial Consultation : Coaching Process and Logistics 

  • To share your intention's and desires for the coaching relationship. 

  • Align on time expectation and logistics of the coaching arrangement.

  • Help you to understand the value and purpose of the coaching process.

Coaching Agreement, Intake Form & Ayurvedic Mind-Body Quizzes

  • The Coaching Agreement and Intake Form helps us to establish solid intentions for working together and kickstarts our coaching relationship.  ​​

  • If you are interested in meditation or Ayurveda, you may also choose to take a Prakruti and Vikruti doshas quizzes (mind-body personality assessments). 

  • In Ayurveda the energies of space, air, fire, water and earth are considered to be the building blocks of all life, including ourselves.  There are three main energies known as 'doshas': Vata, (air/space;  Pitta (fire/water) and Kapha (water/earth) and we have all of these qualities to greater or lesser degrees.  Think of your dosha as being as specific to you as your DNA or thumbprint, your essential nature set at the time of conception but can be expressed differently throughout your lifecourse.  Coaching with this in mind, your Ayurvedic personality so to speak,  allows for a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to your health and wellbeing rather than a cookie-cutter one size fits all coaching approach.   You can learn to recognise when you are in balance and learn what to do when you are out of balance to bring yourself to a state of homeostatis and harmony.

Intake Session

In the Intake Session I will let you know the agenda of what we will be covering in our coaching sessions together. This session gives you the opportunity also to discuss any relevant issues which were unaddressed in the Initial Consultation.

I introduce the Chopra Coaching model and explain how coaching differs from therapy.  I am curious to learn as to how you are feeling about the coaching process, if you wish we can start with a grounding breathwork or meditation practice to help you feel centred and ready for the session.  

We also go a little deeper to identify aspects of your current lifestyle which will be impacting upon your health and wellbeing.  This session may look at your current quality of sleep, nutrition, exercise, self care and emotional wellbeing and obstacles and challenges to optimal living.  This information will enable me to understand how I can best support you and how we can work together to co-create our coaching relationship. 

We will do a paperwork review, just to ensure you know what to expect,


Every session, including the intake, will conclude with a commitment to a home practice based on what we have spoken about and a reflection or highlights from the session. 

Cornerstone: Purpose

In these sessions we use a worksheet to co-create, brainstorm and work through ideas to find your purpose.  The first is your inner purpose, to awaken to who you truly are.  Awakening to your true nature your "capital D" Dharma already exists and cannot be lost.  Outer purpose, on the other hand is your "little d"dharma. It involves uncovering your unique gifts and then using them to serve.  Outer purpose can change over time.  It is something to be discovered, clarified and cultivated.  I also call upon the concepts of archetypes and legacy to reveal your impact at a social and global level.   What are you here to do? What is your life's purpose, what do you really want, who are you, how are you (knowingly or unknowingly) getting in you own way.


Guided visualisations help you uncover your core values.  We then can co-create a plan to integrate those values into your daily life, starting with some home practice ideas. 

Cornerstone: Intention

The sessions on the cornerstone 'Intention' relates to your priorities and vision.  Fulfil your desires by getting clear on what you want and setting goals. Since integrating goals is key to enabling change and transformation, you are guided to clarify your well-being vision and commit to achieving it through specific consistent actions.  The knowledge of intention puts the power of the outcome in your hands.    Here you get the opportunity to reflect on eight areas of your life: family and friends, finances, environment, health, recreation, career, personal grown and romance. 

When you have set your intentions, goals and action plans, a meditation or visualisation helps you to reinforce your personal commitment and intention to yourself.  Visualisations help you to imagine every step of the process towards fulfilling your intention and desires, including overcoming challenges along the way.  They give you the opportunity to focus on your felt sense (physical sensations in the body) allowing you to notice how sensations change and how the energy correlates to your mood, attitude or emotions in the present moment, allowing you to take that experience into the future and giving yourself permission for your imagination to be free, tapping into the qualia of your unique mind-body-spirit.  

Cornerstone: Meaning 

Identify and shift conditioned, limiting beliefs to view life through a more expanded and optimistic lens.  Our perspective shapes our reality.  Action without meaning holds no value. The meaning behind action is the driving force that sustains positive change.  The cornerstone Meaning sessions revolve around  "The Stories We Tell Ourselves".

We start this session off with a worksheet designed to help you uncover the true meaning behind one challenge you are currently facing in your life.  It may personal, professional, financial, relational or spiritual.  Rather than avoiding the feelings that this challenging situation brings, it is time to really embrace the qualia - even it it makes you feel uncomfortable  Channelling the negative energy is an important part of this coaching process.  You get to evaluate the costs and benefits of holding onto certain beliefs and stories which prevent you from finding optimal health and happiness.  We brainstorm alternative meanings which will feel more expansive and empowering and create an action plan to solidify your new perspective and help realise your potential.

Cornerstone: Shadow

Recognise and clear subconscious judgments, painful emotions, and internal blocks.  Everyone has aspects of themselves they don’t like. The shadow cornerstone helps you to recognize and clear your own subconscious judgments, painful emotions, and internal blocks. Shadow work helps clear the accumulated emotions that sticks to past experiences and prevents growth.

We take the key concepts and  blend them into a more nuanced and organic conversation. 

Closing Session

This is an exciting time.  We will:

  • Reflect on your journey and the coaching process.

  • Acknowledge what you have accomplished and who you have become.

  • Plan the next steps to keep moving forward after our coaching relationship ends.  

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