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Mum & Baby Yoga

Yoga alongside your baby gives you the chance to look after yourself in a safe and nurturing environment and allows you to bond further with the latest addition to your family. It helps the recovery process after birth and supports the transition to motherhood bringing an awareness to your body as well as dedicating time to relax.  It also reduces symptoms of postpartum depression, anxiety and general stress allowing you to focus on your own well-being. 

I advise you to take it slowly at first to re-familiarise yourself with your body. Postnatal yoga is a great low impact exercise option since extra care must be taken over ligaments and joints which may have loosened during the prenatal period due to the hormone 'relaxin' and these areas may be  prone to over stretching post birth. The rebuilding of muscle tone in those areas which may have been affected by childbearing or childbirth such as the core, pelvic floor and back (without creating additional abdominal pressure) is a relevant part of postpartum yoga asana practice.   Sometimes the shoulders or neck feels tight from feeding or holding baby or simply from carrying all the things a baby might need.    Improved posture, an awareness of spinal health and practising specific yoga breathing techniques contributes to a release of tension not only in these specific areas but throughout the whole body.  Furthermore, a consistent and regular yoga practice helps to improve blood flow, strengthens the nervous system, relaxes the body and mind, improves flexibility, facilitates higher energy levels and provides greater stamina and endurance  giving you some wonderful tools to take forward as you and you baby blossom.

I previously taught mum and baby session at the FeelHot studios in Hertfordshire. These sessions provided an opportunity to engage and body with baby and to meet other mothers, to share experiences and make friendships.  You can feed, change or cuddle baby and take a rest whenever needed and don't worry if little one cries after all you have waited several months to hear their voice and this is only to be expected and embraced.  

These days I come to you. If you can get a few new mums together e.g. from your baby group and would like a yoga session in the comfort of your own home, it helps to lighten the load, especially if you take turns in hosting it! I have mats, equipment and massage oil available for everyone.  You can split the hourly rate as well, so it might work out cheaper than travelling to a studio saving you time and money in the process. Please go to to enquire about having a mum and baby yoga session with me.

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