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Is Private Yoga Tuition Worth the Investment for Your Health and Well-being?

Private yoga tuition is worth the investment on so many levels. You can have a practice in the privacy and the comfort of your own home which saves on time and travelling. I teach from 6.30am to 9.00pm so depending on your schedule, you can take a class with me early morning through to late evening even at the weekends.

Private sessions are suitable for those of you are hesitant of attending a group yoga class. Frequently practitioners worry about not being able to able to "keep up" or for simply don't like group settings, they may be too intimidating or noisy. Maybe a potential student is body conscious, or has pre-existing musculoskeletal limitations or imbalances which prevent them from moving in a certain way in accordance with the flow of the teacher and other practitioners. Often following along in a group class may result in injury or bring out the competitive side of a student when really we want to encourage the skill of looking within for internal validation. Whatever it is a private offers a bespoke programme of care, tailored to exactly who you are.

Personalised sessions are a great way for the beginner to learn the basics of yoga or develop existing skills of the more seasoned practitioner.

As a teacher I sequence and structure sessions according to how your body may move (or not). We work together to consider what exactly it is you are looking for. You may for example wish to learn beyond the asanas (postures) and delve into yoga philosophy, meditation and breathing techniques, mythology, mudras and Ayurvedic practices. You may wish me to devise sequences according to your unique mind-body composition (dosha) or create routines to counter any imbalances that arise in your life for example scheduling a hatha, vinyasa or restorative class to restore equilibrium or use equipment such as a yoga wheel, yoga chair or cushions, blocks and straps. For those coming to yoga after a doctor's recommendation for example, after an injury or period of illness, my individualised plans enable attention to be focused in the relevant areas.

I take into account many factors which may affect your sense of well being and the type of yoga you may enjoy. This may include your diet, working environment, personal goals and temperament, family and lifestyle and medical history. Therefore I work with you to set your pace and good communication between us enables me to making modifications and adjustments as necessary so you get the best out of the session. The aim is to take you to your edge, wherever that may be, working enough to feel the benefits which may be achieved with a considered and regular practice.

After a while we really get to know each other, we can become more fluid and experimental. My aim is to work with you until you feel competent and confident enough to join a group class if that is your aim, though I have clients that continue to stay with me for many years as their practice deepens and evolves as does our relationship. I am here to look after you in a safe and nurturing environment, championing your corner and encouraging you to explore your mind-body-spirit connection.

So, if this sounds like your thing, go to to enquire about private yoga tuition with me.

Gina Clements and students in a private one to one yoga session
Art and I In a Private Personalised Yoga Session

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