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Image by Sabine Schulte

Increasingly, modern research is validating what the ancient Rishis (seers) in India knew 5,000 years ago - that meditation enhances physical, mental and emotional wellness. 

In Eastern tradition such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine stress is considered to block the body's vital channels as healthy flows of energy and information are disrupted.  


Stress and inflammation is at the core of many chronic health conditions including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, various infections and some cancers. 


In modern life meditationhelps with stress reduction, improved happiness and better sleep.

Meditation is a powerful antidote that releases stress and cultivates calm - helping you to return to the memory of wholeness. 


Meditation is a tool to help release stress so that the mind/body gets a deep level of rest.  Rest is the how the body naturally heals itself.

Many of us live our lives in activity. 

Meditation is a journey from "activity to silence". 

It allows you to settle into quieter and quieter levels of awareness until you experience the silence within, allowing you to "slip into the space between your thoughts", the site of creativity, love, purpose and infinite possibilities.

Meditation is not about learning anything new, it is about remembering you wholeness.

Meditation is good for you.

When the body is under stress the fight or flight (sympathetic response) is activated. 

Heart rate, blood pressure, platelet stickiness, respiration, perspiration and stress hormones increase whilst anti-ageing hormones go down.  It has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders and chronic pain.

(Roemer et al 2008, Teasdale et al 2000, Bowen et al 2006, Tapper et al 2009, Grossman et all 2007)


Ancient wisdom and modern science agree that meditation benefits the mind and body with both immediate and long term benefits at a cellular level, stimulating the body's self regulation and self repair mechanisms.  Meditation lowers stress levels, improves health as heart rate decreases, breathing slows down, immune function improves, anti ageing hormones increase and blood pressure normalises.  It opens the doorway to a healthier life and facilitates greater happiness though improved relationships, expanded creativity and better focus. 

when we come out of meditation you bring it into everyday life.

In life it is easy to get locked into patterns of behaviour, conditioned habits. 

Karma (action) creates Samskara (a memory), memory creates Vasana (a desire).  Desire moves you to the next action.

Since memories and desires are limiting, meditation takes us beyond our ego identity towards pure awareness. to a space of infinite possibilities


It is possible to re-programme your "soul's software: to break free from repetition which no longer serves you. 

You can do this by becoming aware of the choices you make and listening to your body.


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